Monday, May 9, 2011

The Power of One

What theory of education is put foward through the novel? How does this play a role throughout the story as a whole?

The Power of One

What theory of education is put foward through the book? How does this theory play a part in the novel as a whole?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The "Wiki"

Ok, I've had my own wiki running for a number of weeks, and I'm feeling good about my ability in creating this. Students have reacted positively towards the wiki, and most class work has been lodged on the wiki.

I've made attempts to now get parents involved by having them interact accordingly with their child's work. This is still to happen, however, ever so weary of the passive approach towards this concept.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Ok, I've done some considerable reading on "Wiki's" and I really feel alot more confident in using it. I've started, My initial purpose is to get myself in-line with this forum. The ultimate hope is to provide:
  • Open access for students
  • an area where classroom learning is centralized.
  • forums for open discussion on class identified issues.
  • a form of portfolio for parents to interact within.
  • collabrative learning.

(postings are date incorrectly as my first blog didnt pan out the way I wanted it to? novice)

Web 2.0

I havent really ventured down the road of utilising Web 2.0 tools, however recent readings and words from others, have made me re-look at how I am using these applications to further enhance and engage my students. Although I have heard a great about these tools, my reluctance to investigate further has strangled the possiblities of inovative practice, and to better engaged students.

What do I know about Wiki's? can they provide a better platform to teach from? What is the purpose of my class bogs? to engage or simply view?

The reality at this point is that my frame of mind is still in Web 1.0.

Time to move. Bring on Web 2.0.